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Always In Good Taste


Dive into a culinary journey at Starfish St. Lucia, where a variety of restaurants cater to every palate—from casual beachside bites to the inviting ambiance of buffet-style dining. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Saint Lucia, where formal air-conditioned dining rooms and relaxed open-air terraces create a unique dining experience with every meal.

a buffet of food


No matter your mood, this buffet has everything that you’re craving. Monarch has ample seating to accommodate a large number of guests as well as international dishes to ensure that you will enjoy a delicious dinner.

a room with tables and chairs

La Cuccina

Their traditional à la carte menu includes all the Italian comfort-foods for you and your family to enjoy a familiar meal.

*Some dishes at an extra charge

a dining room with a table and chairs


Enjoy the taste of Asia in a comfortable air-conditioned setting. With their savory dishes and comfortable atmosphere, oriental is sure to be one of your favorites.

*À la carte restaurant - Some dishes with a supplement ($).

a patio with tables and chairs

Ocean Beach Grill

Grabbing a quick bite to eat with this delicious snack bar, conveniently located between both the beach and the pool.